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Selected Poems

New York, Harmondsworth: Penguin
161 с.
Foreword by W. H. Auden 9 
Introduction 13 
A Note on the Translation 25 
Part 1
A Christmas Ballad 29
Sonnet: The month оfjanuary has flown past 31
Exhaustion now is a more frequent guest 32
You’re coming home again. What does that mean? 33
Sonnet: Great-hearted Hector has been speared to death 34
The tenant finds his new house wholly strange 35
That evening, sprawling by an open fire 36
The fire, as you can hear, is dying down 38
Elegy for John Donne 39
Sonnet: Once more we’re living by the Bay of Naples 46
Part 2
When I embraced these shoulders, I beheld 49 
Enigma for an Angel 50 
A Slice of Honeymoon 53
You’ll flutter, robin redbreast, from those three 54
A Prophecy 55
New Stanzas to Augusta 57
To Lycomedos on Scyros 63
Refusing to catalogue all of one’s woes 65
Stanzas 67
Aeneas and Dido JO
Postscriptum 71
Part 3
Quilt-jacketed, a tree-surgeon 75 
Wagon Train 76 
Sadly and Tenderly 77 
Spring Season of Muddy Roads 79 
In villages God does not live only 81 
The days glide over me 82
The trees in my window, in my wooden-framed window 83
Now that I’ve walled myself off from the world 84
Evening 85
1 January 1965 86
The Candlestick 87
On Washerwoman Bridge 89
September the First 90
The Fountain 91
Almost an Elegy 93
Verses in April 94
A Winter Evening in Yalta 96
Part 4
Verses on the Death of T.S. Eliot 99
To a Certain Poetess 103
A Letter in a Bottle 106
Einem alten Architekfen in Rom 116
Two Hours in an Empty Tank 121
From The School Anthology: Albert Frolov 127
A Halt in the Desert 131
Adieu, Mademoiselle Veronique 134
Part 5
From Gorbunov and Gorchakov: 143
Canto II 143 
Canto X 145
Post Aetatem Nostram 149
Nunc Dimittis 165
Odysseus to Telemachus 168
Nature Morte 160
L. Kline
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